What to offer virtuality

I’m mostly finished with a new virtual house, situated not in Second Life, but in its open source sister metaverse, OSGrid. I kinda like it better. It’s bigger, and I don’t have to pay weekly rent for my avatar to live there.

Well, it seems I have a rudimentary office in which my avatar can sit, and the building next door that Baloo is working on is going to be either a house or an office.

What it amuses me to no end to ponder is: Why do our avatars need offices? They don’t do any real record keeping. The only things they can do in an office is counsel and interview. The desktop computers at our respective homes is where the action is.

And another big question looms large in my mind. What do we each have to offer OSGrid? For all its niceties, OSGrid is a frontier. Lots of land, and very few settlers—usually around 60—here trying to make a new life.

Just about the only thing OSGrid has to offer me is free practice in my building skills. Not finding a desk anywhere in OSGrid to my liking, I tried building my own. It looks good from the front, and could use some fine work later, but is a good place to place my nameplate and my desk calendar. And a laptop computer that is really nothing but a prop for a virtual stage.


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