H1N1 Job

ProTeam Staffing on the south side of town got a little desperate to fill a call center that will answer callers’ questions about the H1N1 virus. They liked my experience at troubleshooting Internet, and let me have a shot. I passed the skills tests and went home with the gig and a smile.

Mission accomplished. And thanks and a nod to the almighty God.

The job pays $14 and change an hour and will start with training down at the Ohio Department of Health next Tuesday morning. The sad thing about this gig is it will probably last no more than 1½ months. But that’s okay. I’ll take it.

I’ve been needing to raise the necessary funds to fix Ooo Shinee’s heater before the first really serious frosts. Looks like I’ll finally have it. Thanks goes round to all my friends for all their faithful prayers.


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