I think I know the difference between a recession, a depression, and a recovery:

  • Recession: When my neighbor loses his job.
  • Depression: When I lose my job.
  • Recovery: When Gov. Ted Strickland loses his job.

Unfortunately, we still have one year before we have the opportunity to bring that about.

Yesterday Snider-Blake Temps sent me to a job interview at NCO Financial, on E. 5th Street next to the Port Columbus Airport. I didn’t shoot myself in the foot this time, at least not that badly.

Disadvantage of temp places. They don’t tell you much about the place they’re sending you to interview until they actually send you to their place. That means no research. Interviewers like it when you do some homework on their company and seem like you’re interested in what they’re doing.

After I came home from that, Dale Wooden, my neighbor, enlisted my aid in getting his brother Howard out to Wal*Mart to get his eyes checked for a new pair of eyeglasses. Good way to waste a couple hours. Optometrists don’t work as fast as they used to. Howard tipped me $5 for my time and effort.

Came home and once again had that guilty “You Didn’t Do Enough” feeling. Impatient. Get that damn job! The paycheck is all that matters, and I don’t see me earning it.


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