Always some idiot

If there’s anything my experiences working for the Internet provider have taught me, it’s that there’s always some idiot out there who thinks that paying his bill gives him total ownership of the way I do my job. Back then, such idiots expected to know barely five seconds into the call where the outages and the work crews were. Such idiots expected me to override non-pay disconnects and planned outages so that their home eBay-based businesses would not go bust in less than five minutes.

I’m expecting such idiots to call this call center to assert their taxpayer ownership of how I do my job. I know I’m only dealing with only one of the 50 states, but there’s got to be an idiot out there somewhere.

In what form will this micromanaging take place, I wonder? Right now, the ODH has set up a web site for the purpose of matching people to places that are administering the H1N1 vaccine. But what if some caller out there doesn’t want to deal through that web site? What if he wants to be told the location of vaccine clinics over the phone?

Such an idiot might say something like, “Web site? That’s B.S.! That takes too damn long! When I pay my taxes, I don’t pay for you to give me any runaround, and I don’t pay for you to turn everything the state does into rocket science. What I’m paying you for is information, and this request can’t possibly get any simpler. I want you to tell me right now who’s got the vaccine!”

Nobody’s tried to own me yet, but I’m sure there’s some idiot like that out there in the Buckeye State somewhere…


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