My absentee ballot

I’ve filled out and mailed in my absentee ballot for the next election.

I already voted against Issue 3 because it’s a referendum probably written up by a casino developer outside of Ohio and that very idea stinks. Also, once the four casinos are built and operating and the 33% tax is later found to be insufficient, there’s nothing our state legislature can do about it, as it would take another amendment to the Ohio Constitution to fix it.

You might get the proposal to raise the tax on the casinos on the ballot, but do you honestly expect to outspend the casino owners for TV advertising? I’m sick to death of their Yes on Issue 3 ads getting in my face every 15 minutes.

The very reason Issue 3 is on the ballot is that Penn National Gaming is expecting Ohio voters to be clueless and unwilling to do homework compared to the Ohio legislature. I’m not slamming Ohio voters; they were smart enough to defeat Issue 6 last year. Personally, I’m too busy telling people over the phone how to navigate the Ohio Department of Health’s H1N1 web site to do my own lawmaking, and 90% of other Ohioans are too consumed with doing other jobs, too.

Give me an amendment issue that provides for a gaming commission in Ohio, with enough legal authority to put the fat cats in their place as needed, and I might be inclined to support it.


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