The expiration date

The Mandura drink

My Mandura fruit drink arrived off the UPS truck this morning. I didn’t immediately get into it as I was thinking that a product of its alleged medicinal properties ought to be handled like a medication, with meticulous attention given to reading and following its directions.

Its directions say, “Serve cold.” Into the fridge it goes, not to be seen until I come home from work tonight.

I’m still leery of it. $30.00 plus shipping for a 32 oz. bottle is a bit too much to ask for a bottle of fruit juice, no matter how much of an exotic superfood it is. When I drink it, I had better be turning cartwheels. The most satisfying thing I consume right now would have to be the $5 footlongs from the Subway down the street, and those cost only … you know the rest.

The expiration date

I had an interesting call at work today. A county health department—I will spare them the embarrassment of naming which one—vaccinated a lot of people until every vial they had of H1N1 vaccine had been tossed away into the biohazard bin. Then came the time when they had to account for their activities at our web site, and they found to their dismay that our web site demanded the expiration date and would not let them proceed without it.

Oops! Nobody said anything about writing down the expiration date. They were really in a pickle. They called the ODH for help, and got me.

I had to spend some 15 minutes anxiously tapping my toes while my supervisor Jason hunted down the phone number of the vaccine’s manufacturer, then talked to somebody at the manufacturer and fed them the vaccine’s lot number to get the expiration date.

Sigh! The things we do for taxpayers.

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