Alternative life dreams

Man, I hate those alternative life dreams, where I’m driving a different car, living in a different house, and have no idea how I got there.

But then maybe that raises the question, “Do I have any idea how I got here? Do I have any idea where I’m going? Do I?”

Kind of reminds me of that song by Diana Ross called “Do You Know”.

Maybe I’m holding myself accountable for stuff only God can do. I read an interesting series of blogs over the past days about how life in Christ is like life aboard Noah’s Ark. The Ark was basically a big floating box, without sails or a rudder. No way to propel it, no way to steer it. It goes only where God would have it go. It does just enough in keeping me out of the drowning waves of God’s judgment. I’m out of line to ask more from it.

Pretty much gone are my dreams of being a semi-famous comic on Second Life. Not that I wouldn’t have done well at that sort of thing, it’s just that the audience for such a thing just dried up and perhaps wants to be entertained in some new way. Where are they going?

Base of operations

My job and the fact that I commute to and from it using a bus to downtown has pretty much shifted my base of operations to the Northern Lights Shopping Center. The groceries come from the Kroger down there, what little I need in stationery can be found in the Family Dollar a few doors up.

I eat out a lot more, which is probably to my detriment. Mostly at Subway.

Subway is showing up a lot anymore in my checkbook. Subway is the only fast food place that dares to openly show its face in the stretch of North High Street between Nationwide Boulevard and Broad Street. There might still be a Wendy’s down south of State Street, but I’ve yet to actually go down there. A couple of weeks back, I walked down to the Statehouse grounds, and I was disheartened at all the empty storefronts down that way. The recession has taken a lot of scalps along that road.


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