The Lord’s Chapel

I think the Lord has given me the gift of tech support. And I think He’s found me a way to use it directly for His work.

This morning, I wrote a notecard which will hopefully be distributed with worship animations that gives some tips on how to use the Second Life avatar in one’s worship.

Pastor Grace Cuthbertsson preached live through Voice Chat and made her sermon notes available through a notecard distributor, which I think gives the Lord’s Chapel a leg up on such other churches as ALM Cyberchurch and Calvary Chapel of SL, which play pre-recorded sermons.

Apartment in Saralis

Elsewhere on the grid, there is the strong possibility I could be moving to a new spacious two-room apartment in Saralis Village in Irutsk in another week, for not much more Linden than I’m paying for the two-room cabin in Upper Peaks.

I love the new digs. It promises to be a delightful new headquarters for this angel bear. And when you get right down to it, that’s all you can ask from an apartment in Second Life, a personal HQ. A storage place for news and information.

Gadget supply

I should hopefully get a small bunch of CR2032 button batteries that I can use in my electronic scrolling message belt buckle. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting myself another one of those scrolling message badges,  but I think that for the amount of info that I would want to display on my person, I’d be much better off getting an 8″ digital picture frame. I know how to export slides from OpenOffice Impress as JPEG images, so it’s a piece of cake to turn it into a $30.00 digital sign.

Assuming the bid I just made on eBay holds up for the next 5 hours.


One thought on “The Lord’s Chapel

  1. Hello Skye, thanks so much for your write-up about The Lord’s Chapel, now known as THE VINE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH. I just wanted you to know that I am also beginning to record sermons on video and they are now available on my Facebook page under “Grace Cuthbertsson” (with two “s”). God bless you, brother! -Grace

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