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I bought me one of those digital photo frames at lunch yesterday. You know, one of those newfangled LCD screen things for showing everybody photos of the grandkids. Only I don’t have real photos in mind for this one. I’ve been meaning to use it as a kind of digital billboard.

You see, for several months now, I’ve known how you can export presentation slides from OpenOffice Impress into JPEG files and upload them into Second Life for use in presentations there, but it wasn’t until about about two or three days back that I would want a digital photo frame for slide presentations in real life.

I was pondering getting me another one of those electronic scrolling message badges and then thought better of it. What a ripoff! This is something that can only show four alphanumeric characters at a time, and takes God knows how long to go through my badge name, hotel room number, and cell phone number! Why not something that can show presentation slides, charts, graphs, graphics, the works?!

So I picked up a Philips Digital Photo Frame at Wal*Mart for some $85. Trouble is, now I can hear the Employment Gods whispering into my brain, “You know, after a ‘hanging the queen’ purchase like that, after throwing away all that food and clothing money, you realize we’re going to have to fire you from your job, right?”

I’d show you a photo of it doing its thing, but I had to plug into it the memory card and USB cable that came with my camera, and now I don’t have memory for my camera.

Work at the polling place

My 13 hour work day at the polling precinct went by pretty fast, and it was busy, even busier than the presidential election one year ago. We didn’t have much in the way of dead time; there was almost always somebody at at least one of our six iVotronic machines. I guess the voter mobilization battle going on between the pro-casino AFL-CIO and the anti-casino United Methodist Church brought all these people to our door. While I was voting machine judge again at this election the three teenage ladies from Youth at the Booth handled the bulk of showing voters to the iVotronics.

The technical problems we had to deal with in the morning were one machine that couldn’t detect its tape printer that prints out the paper record of each ballot, and a bad electrical outlet in the back corner.

While Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the fat cats at Penn National Gaming are probably lighting up the first of many big cigars now that the business plan of their new casinos are chiseled into the marble of the Ohio Constitution (nothing the state legislature can do about it now), and they can start exacting their terrible toll on people who are poor at math, I’d like to point out that Issue 3 got spanked in our two little precincts by 110 to 50 something. I don’t remember the exact numbers. At least my neighborhood is not beaten and bloodied enough by the economy to accept a questionable source of jobs and revenue.

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