Not a whole lot of life

NotEnough001I don’t have a whole lot of life before and after each work shift at the Department of Health. At best an hour after I get up and begin that pivotal Final Hour Before Leaving and four hours after I get home, during which I do some Second Life. I leave for the Northern Lights Shopping center 15 minutes earlier now, to have more time to go to a thrift store and peruse its wares. Earlier, before catching the bus to work, I bought a sling messenger bag and a Beethoven CD.

The things I’m doing on SL nowadays are Bible studies and discussion groups at 8:00 PM SLT (translates to 11:00 PM Eastern). Helps me to feel spiritual, but I honestly don’t think I’m putting enough into it. Of SL and this blog, I’d have to say it’s Big Skye’s Country that is my biggest outreach. Here I can speak my piece for God and get away from the keyboard before anything in the way of negative feedback comes.

But then, ministering through SL … on second thought, I really must stop calling it “ministering”, because that’s speaking Christianese. It makes what I do sound more mystical than it really is. It’s a code talk understandable only by those on the inside and dismissed as fakery by those on the outside.

I want to be understood. When I start talking in some kind of hokey insider language of any kind, I ask you, dear reader, to have the courage to call me on the carpet for it. It’s a bad thing indeed.

Whatever it is I end up calling it, it’s a new thing. It’s very hard to measure the effectiveness of what I do. It’s very hard to decide what I should be doing more of and what I should be doing less of. The stand-up comedy I was doing I was doing out of being an attention slut and perhaps God is putting a merciful end to that misbehavior by closing down all the available comedy clubs.

I need to sleep on this and pray over this.


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