More gadgets

Skye as reporterFamily Dollar is offering a digital still camera for $10 and a small digital video camera for $40.

Should I bite? After all, I do fancy myself a citizen journalist. Such gadgets would be a boon for my blogging.

I got my pay for the week, and bought myself earbuds and a supply of AAA batteries for my MP3 player. And a 10-pack of socks. I don’t feel right unless I have a strong supply of AAA batteries for both my Palm IIIxe and my MP3.

Scratch that. I need a strong supply of everything. If you were to look at my apartment, you would notice an oversupply of paper, both plain copier and college-ruled notebook. In the bathroom, I usually have more than one bottle each of  shampoo and body wash. What I’m not oversupplied on is toilet paper and dishwasher detergent, and I’m thinking seriously about getting such tomorrow morning. I have an extra cartridge of black ink for my printer, even though I don’t use it that much, and I’m starting to feel a strong cry toward getting more colored ink.

And I feel the need to pay the Internet bill off early, too. God forbid I should run low on that. Oh well. Pay the bills when I get home.


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