Your obedient serval

You know Mr. Cheetah Guy in Hawaiian Shorts I wrote about yesterday? He’s not a cheetah. He’s a serval, as he would tell me last night.

Leave it to a furry to know much more about animals than the TV news reporter who interviews him.

I looked closely at the news footage, and I found that the serval’s name is Darrien Lightworker. Once I had his name, I searched him up, and looked on his profile for the groups to which he belongs. He belongs to the Vine Christian Prayer Group, just like me, and he also belongs to several Green Lantern groups that protect residents on Second Life from criminals much like the Guardian Angels Safety Patrols do in real life.

I’ve seen him before! I know it!

Picture what Sonic the Hedgehog would be like had he joined the Green Lantern Corps. The green and black tights, the power ring, the “In brightest day, in blackest night” GL Oath, the whole nine yards. That is what Darrien looked like to me several weeks ago at a discussion group hosted by Grace Cuthbertsson.

I decided to IM Darrien, who happened to be online last night, and asked if he’s going to be at tonight’s Vine meeting. He says he still has the serval avatar. Maybe it will show up.


2 thoughts on “Your obedient serval

  1. And Mr. Lightworker didn’t bother to correct said reporter? I know I would be insistent on my own proper “taxonomy”; in fact, I do so on nearly a weekly basis.

    Curiously, what is the ratio of human avatars to furry ones in “LindenLand?” Save the serval, that news story displayed only “hairless apes.” Is there much “interaction” between such avatars?

  2. I don’t know where one would go to get any kind of furry/human ratio. Furry and non-furry seem to get along well together on the hockey rink. Not all that many furries show up at Christian functions though. I’m pretty sure it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

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