Stupidity from elsewhere

Let me share a bit about how potential vaccination patients preregister themselves for an H1N1 vaccine.

At the bottom of the form where the individual enters his information, there is a button labeled Print Patient Form. This prints a copy of the demographic information he entered, and he can take this to his vaccine provider. Preregistering ahead of time greases the wheels considerably by getting information about the potential patient into our computers where it can be called up at the time of the vaccination.

Realizing that not everybody is going to have a computer and Internet service, our official position here at the state health department is that it’s not mandatory to produce this Patient Form to receive the H1N1 vaccine. However, if a smaller agency such as a doctor, hospital, city or county health department, school district, or the caller’s employer wants to make it mandatory, we don’t challenge that. We step aside and let them run their own show.

That being said, smaller agencies do require the Patient Form, and I get calls from people with no computers or Internet who are freaking out because their kids came home from school with a note that said 1) they are required to be vaccinated at the school clinic coming up tomorrow, and 2) they are required to produce the Patient Form from our web site to be vaccinated. The red tape unfairly ensnares the Internet-impaired.

So, who should have the responsibility of getting the required Patient Form to the obstinate asses who required it? Me? They never gave us at the call center an option to register the caller over the phone and mail them the Patient Form. And the “not mandatory” spiel will not be enough. Something of a more concrete nature needs to be done.

That brings up the subject of another thing we are not given here—a suggestion box!


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