Guilty before the trial starts

At the Vine Christian Prayer Center on Second Life, we are being tested very severely. By trolls.

What I cannot fathom is why. I’m sure there must be some immutable law written somewhere on the Internet of how Christians are going to be hypocrites down to the last man, woman, and child, not so much as one exception. And according to Rule 34, there will also be a pornographic variation of that law. (Please don’t ask for a hyperlink for Rule 34.)

So why waste their own time conducting their rigged tests for hypocrisy?

Here’s my take on it: The trolls know going in that we Christians are going to be judgmental hypocrites. The only question to be settled is how fast they can get us to act that way. All troll tests are along the lines of how much taunting and harrassment we can withstand, and almost all guarantee failure.

You may as well drop a bowling ball to see if the Law of Gravity is still in effect.

Last Thursday, a group of griefers pulled off a Trojan Horse style attack in which one of their number comes to the Vine Prayer Center posing as a curious onlooker, which we of course cannot resist allowing to come into our midst. Once the meeting begins, the Horse sends teleport invitations to all the other attackers, who upon their arrival set off particle bombs and noisy gestures. Bedlam supreme.

The test? How quickly, amid rapidly losing control of the meeting, will our moderator, Grace Cuthbertsson, forget all she was ever taught of turning the other cheek, and resort to the judgmental, hypocritical measure of banning the attackers?

She must ban people or she has no meeting. She has no choice. It’s not a question of if, but when, she flunks this test. It’s a very unfair test.

Lord, are these the people to whom You’d send us with the Gospel? How are we going to win them? All we can do is fail their tests!

2 thoughts on “Guilty before the trial starts

  1. But IS it a failure for Ms. Cuthbertsson to protect you and the rest of the flock? Absolute non-violence seems more of a Buddhist tenet. Not that I have anything against Buddhism, mind you, but how I’ve understood being a Catholic–and Christianity, in general–is that, though we should never bring any harm towards others, we are permitted to defend ourselves against those who seek to persecute us, especially for what we believe in.

    I can’t help but wonder if perhaps the trolls are attacking the Prayer Center because they think they’re protecting “Rule 34”; sort of a “reverse persecution,” if you will. It sounds silly, but trust me, Good Sir–fights have been started fur far pettier things.

  2. Well, again I allude to the vast gulf between what we’re really allowed to do as Christians, and what we’re allowed to do according to public perception. The unchurched public expects extreme pacifism and are ready to call us hypocrites if they don’t see it. The trolls are probably trying to goad us into non-pacifistic actions.

    Either that, or I’m so paranoid at being exposed as a hypocrite that I’m reading that into the trolls’ actions.

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