Griefer comedy

It is well said that conflict is essential to good drama. I am here to put before you the claim that conflict also makes for the best comedy.

Inspiration has truly struck. I was thinking back on last Thursday’s griefer attack on the Vine Christian Prayer Center, and I’m sure that with the proper attention given to plot and characterization, I know I can turn this into stand-up comedy gold.

In this comedy skit, I play the role of  a pastor of a virtual church on Second Life that is all too gung-ho about making newcomers feel welcome in his place of ministry. The newcomers he deals with today are a gang of griefers looking to lay waste to all he has painstakingly worked to build. And if they can get him rattled enough to make him abandon turning the other cheek and do something that can be spun as hateful, like banning them, so much the better.

Our pastor smilingly welcomes a new female avatar into his Christian encounter group. Little does he know that this girl plays the pivotal Trojan Horse role in a griefer attack. Her mission, once the meeting has begun, is to send teleport invitations to all the other griefers, so they can pop in and begin setting off particle bombs and noisy gestures.

His associate pastor tries to warn him of the questionable mostly-Goth groups the newcomer has on her profile, but the pastor dismisses that out of hand as being overly paranoid. His cyber-chapel is open to all who wish to come.

The griefers begin to pop in one by one to wreak their havoc, and the fun begins. This is going to be the most satisfying piece of comedy writing I’ve done in a long time.


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