Surviving the college football forums

I think I can finally compile a list of tactics one can use that will help you survive the savage, hostile environment of the college football fan forum, such as can be found at Yahoo’s or

Here’s the quick and dirty thing to do. Kind of mentally pitch into the round file any post that contains any of the following:

  • The words joke, choke, loser, or pathetic.
  • Any form of laughter (i.e. “HAHAHAHAHAHA”, “LOL”, “ROTFLMAO”)

Those things are the mark of the troll. Trolls love college football forums, not for the enlightening discussion of what Team X should do to beat Team Y, or who ought to be ranked higher than whom, but because they’re not going to have better opportunity anywhere else of calling another human being a pathetic loser. Trolls are, however, finding an abundance of big game in Christian sims in Second Life.

My expertise on trolls comes from the wrong end of being trolled. Truth to be told, there’s a little troll in me, and I would call myself pathetic. The only two things keeping me out of my mother’s basement is having neither a basement nor a living mother.


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