By the wayside

The office at ProTeam has just informed me that their contract with the Ohio Department of Health is expiring at the end of the month. That means I provide them with an updated résumé and begin contacting them at least weekly to see if they have additional work assignments.

Just as well. It is getting to crunch time for parents of school age children. Some of my callers have been getting antsy to get some kind of printout off of the H1N1 site to fork over to the nurses when their kids go to the vaccinations at school. While ODH’s official position is that preregistration is not mandatory to receive the shot, you can pretty much count on some Mensa candidate elsewhere to require it. Probably some school board that lets a law firm do their thinking for them.

And if they do, it’ll be a pretty nasty double whammy to play on anyone to require that kids be vaccinated at the clinic at the school, and require the Patient Form from our web site on top of it. What if the family PC or printer doesn’t work? Who’s going to see to it the poor kiddies cough up the Patient Form?

With any luck, I won’t be there to watch this happen.

This doesn’t hurt me as bad as most layoffs do. I have the distinct feeling in my heart of having pleased God with my little role in helping people get vaccinated for H1N1 in a nice, timely way. I’m happy to have helped.

And as always, I appreciate your prayers that God continues to provide for me.


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