My everywhere office

Quick word…

They’re already starting to thin the herd here at the Ohio Department of Health. My job assignment is scheduled to end after tomorrow. I’ll write some more about what I’m thinking of this new development tomorrow. Since tonight’s post is already mostly written, let me present it…

Have you ever puttered around with Google Docs? Google Docs is kind of like a watered-down Microsoft Office that resides on the Internet as opposed to your own home computer. All the apps and all your documents are stored on the Internet, a.k.a. the “cloud”. There’s no need for carrying around a flash memory stick and risking its theft or misplacement. Best of all, you can invite other people from all over the planet to come in and collaborate on these documents with you.

This is probably the only kind of cloud computing that I can readily understand. And trust me, I need to know about cloud computing because it’s going to be the next big buzzword to spring on the next HR manager I talk to. It may not put me on their IT staff, but it should show that I have more vision for their company than most people.

Google Docs and the next job hunt

This is how I intend to conduct my next job hunt:

  1. Move my résumé to Google Docs.
  2. Send invites to potential HR managers to view my résumé there.

My cover letter is going to say that I’m a big believer in using tomorrow’s office technology today. I will stress that I am making the effort to understand the concept of cloud computing and how it can benefit the office of today, and toward that end, I’m going to conduct the distribution of my résumé the cloud computing way.

Future computing

I see the computing public eventually going to using thin clients, little relatively dumb terminals about the size of a book that do nothing but web browsing, because really, that’s all a user-side computer needs to be able to do anymore (that and kick documents out through a cheap inkjet printer). Now that there are such online suites of office software as Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Apps, and Google Docs, these can totally replace Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Even the poorest families should be able to buy and use a thin client and do homework for school using Google Docs.


One thought on “My everywhere office

  1. One really nice thing about Google Docs is you can export it to MS Office or OpenDocument Format when you need a real file, too.

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