Am I forgetting something?

There’s this “devil’s advocate” side of me that is rejecting out of my paw my intent to move my résumé to Google Docs. It claims that I am not thinking off the end of my nose.

Am I forgetting that job hunting is a dirty game, and that victory goes to the candidate who is fastest at getting his/her qualifications into the brain of the HR manager?

Let me recap. I have fifteen seconds from the moment my résumé hits their hot little hands to tell the HR manager what I can do for their company. Is it wise to waste five to ten of those precious seconds showing them a hyperlink and telling them to click it?

The Google Docs idea still feels good, and I still need to give it its day in my court. So what I’m most certainly going to do is get more practice with Google Docs. Not just the actual writing of WP docs and spreadsheets and slide presentations, but actually inviting other people to doctor them up with me. I need some lab partners from elsewhere in the Lower 48.

My immediate plans

I’m already doing my emergency number-crunching. I figure I’m already sitting on enough money to pay my December rent, and the last two paychecks should easily take care of the of the credit cards, utilities, and payment and insurance for Ooo Shinee. December is good, but I’m already thinking about January.

Question is, in light of how ProTeam Staffing could conceivably have a new work assignment waiting for me next Monday, how fast should I get on the horn to the unemployment folks? I probably should do it tomorrow to get the benefits going for the latter half of December.

More news as it breaks.


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