I’m going to be a comedy headliner!

This morning, Trager Jawitz put out a notice on Second Life advertising an Open Mic Comedy Fest immediately following a live music show featuring OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo.

The Comedy Fest was very poorly attended. I blame it on the damnable tendency of promoters to book their shows less than one day in advance. I don’t know why they do this. This makes it very hard even for the better comics who gain a loyal following to advertise their future dates in advance. If my fans, if I got ’em, can’t plan on seeing me, they won’t come to see me.

Getting off my tangent, the poorly attended Comedy Fest turned out to be nothing more than an audition before Snippets owner Traeger Jawetz. I performed for him my new skit with the SL cyber-pastor having to endure a troll attack, opening it with an older piece of mine called “Huh Preacher”.

Traeger was thoroughly impressed, and even his wife, who was listening at his home in the background, also got good and cracked up. He asked me if I had plans for tomorrow—I had none—and invited me to perform with Joey Rookstown at tomorrow’s headliner show at 3:00 PM Second Life (Pacific) Time.

Where’s that Backflip animation in my Inventory? I want to run it!


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