The Columbus Bruins

Today, the Excalibur NFL Game Time Football game that I ordered through eBay arrived. It didn’t have the play selection I had hoped it would have. On each end of the game, there are only three knobs, one from which you choose between Run, Short Pass, and Long Pass; one from which you choose where the blocking goes (Center, Tackle, Guard, and End), and one for Special Teams plays. And Snap and Blitz buttons for starting and stopping the spinning Play Rotor that randomizes the final results of each play.

And I had to fix the Play Rotor not long after I got it.

Slightly disillusioned, I Google-searched for an online football game that I could play with complete strangers over the Web. I found it in QuickHit Football, which you can play free of charge.

I signed up for QuickHit Football and made my own team, the Columbus Bruins. They sport uniforms of my trademark sky blue and white.

When you play QuickHit, don’t let the three minutes per quarter on the game clock scare you. That’s still enough time to run up scores comparable to those found in most NFL games.

I was brought up on such coaching oriented games such as Aurora Monday Night Football, or Tudor NFL Strategy. I just like to choose a play and watch it happen. QuickHit Football plays that way. And if I don’t trust my own playcalling wiles, I just let former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher suggest one for me.

My first two games were against a couple of low-powered coach-simulating AIs, and I beat both handily. I found my first live opponent last night, kcforlife who coached a “Kansas City Chiefs” team that, due to Quick Hit’s lack of NFL sponsorship, had to use helmets that looked like the Dallas Desperadoes of the Arena Football League.

I lost a heartbreaker to him, 21-17. But he did teach me how to use the filtering system that helps me choose plays for certain needs, say I need to stop the inside run or the deep pass.

I’d like to see such football lovers as Crocosaur or Tiger_Sammy take out a team and see how they play against my Bruins.

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