Overcomers’ Worldwide Fellowship

Would you believe the groundskeepers at my apartment complex still run their power lawnmowers this morning, pulverizing what remains of the leaves on the lawn?

Forget about recording little sound bites with Audacity for comedy gestures on Second Life.

By the way, it’s becoming clear why I was allowed to come to Second Life. It gives me access to more churches and Bible studies than I would get out in meatspace.

Go right ahead. Call that a baldfaced lie. Keep right on saying I’m in SL for the sex. I don’t care, because I’m not famous. Nobody would be doing the world any great favors exposing me for a fraud. And it’s not really fraud until I ask for money.

You Are Loved Ministries

They run a Bible study Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM SLT. My good friend Peter Knehans would love this because Jewell Bravitz presents her lessons in the light of ancient Hebrew culture and language. And Jewell seems to like it when I read from Scripture. I have such an approachable grandparent style of voice, perfect for telling stories to children.

Overcomers’ Worldwide Fellowship

Non-denom Spirit-led worship. Pastor Samuele Shepherd. A forceful preacher who likes to challenge his congregation. He doesn’t preach from pre-written notes the way Grace Cuthbertsson does.

Vision TV

The people at Overcomers Worldwide Fellowship have this beautiful TV studio built on the same sim. Will it be used? How will you get broadcasts out to the masses? Ustream? YouTube?

For the longest time, I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to broadcast on Ustream. I think it’d be fun to have one’s own Internet TV broadcast.
I tried to fly onto the stage but couldn’t. They had built an invisible prim wall between the stage and the audience.

Wise choice. If you don’t put in some sort of barrier there and make that stage off limits to all but hosts and guests, you will get what we got at the Vine Thursday Night. Our discussion group was crashed by five newly minted SL residents. All five were born that very day, according to their profiles. They belonged to no groups nor had any favorite places to visit on the Picks tab, but all had better avatars, animations, and sounds than any real newbie would even be aware of, much less buy. They were clearly alts of other residents sent in to disrupt the meeting and force the minister to behave in stereotypical ways so they’ll have “proof” of our hatefulness.

Anyway, getting back on track, I asked Pastor Shepherd if he has plans for the Vision TV studio, and he says he does. I told him I’d like to be involved in it.

He added me to his friend list.

2 thoughts on “Overcomers’ Worldwide Fellowship

  1. Concerning your commment: “Overcomers’ Worldwide Fellowship Non-denom Spirit-led worship. Pastor Samuele Shepherd. A forceful preacher who likes to challenge his congregation. He doesn’t preach from pre-written notes the way Grace Cuthbertsson does.”

    *** Truth be told: Yes, Sam does preach from pre-written notes … he simply speaks well, and masks the reading.

    Unlike Grace, Sam’s notes aren’t even written BY him. He takes all of his sermons from boiler-plate sermons already written. Try this: Listen to him, and then type a couple longer sentences he’s said into your search engine. It will take you under a minute to find the source of his notes.

    I’ve listened as Sam claimed he spent a couple days “writing” his sermon, being moved by God to say certain things certain ways. He then proceeded to read verbatim from existing online sermons that I easily searched for and found. At least Grace writes the notes she uses.

    Alas, deceivers shall not inherit the Kingdom. 😦

  2. This is not college, where you can get kicked out for plagiarizing other writers in your research papers. All I’m concerned with is that whenever he quotes the word of God, he properly credits his sacred source.

    However, you do bring up a valid point. In a private moment, I will bring up your allegation that he plagiarizes sermons and see what he says about it.

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