Moving and materialism

I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can finally more or less ride off into the sunset. Less than a week after SonicBlu’s housing crisis broke, God has him and his entourage into a nice three-bedroom townhome. Problem solved.

Now I can only hope God has taken note of my unselfishness throughout the week and elects to keep me here at the Breckenridge as well. He can still elect to force me somewhere else, may His will come before mine, but to be honest, I don’t want to be homeless.

It’s been tons of fun watching six young men attempt to empty an apartment that’s taken on the appearance of an enclosed landfill in the five years they’ve live there.

The big lesson learned today: Don’t acquire more stuff than you want to move every five years or so. Nothing cures you of materialism quite like being forced to move into a new apartment.

I’ve lived at the Breckenridge Apartments 3½ years, longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in Central Ohio. I reckon nobody gets to live longer than five years in any one apartment, so it’s stupid to hang onto junk any longer than you have to. Best to keep your belongings light and easy to move.


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