Showin’ ’em how it’s done

At 3:00 PM in Snippets of Pride Isles, I performed at an Open Mic Comedy show with Joey Rookstown and Gary Broono.

I must say, I must be getting really good at this stand-up comedy thing. Traeger Jawetz, the owner of Snippets, is starting to save my segment for last, quite consistently.

I pride myself on using clean language in my act. I will never understand Joey Rookstown’s near constant use of George Carlin’s Magnificent Seven.  I desperately wanted to feed Joey a sumptuous meal of Irish Spring. You don’t need foul language to succeed as a comic, and refusing to use it challenges you to find more colorful, more accurately descriptive language.

Besides, if you use certain words too much, they lose all their meaning, and become a noise you make that is similar to a dog’s bark. No inherent meaning, simply nothing but volume and voice inflection. The only “message” that comes through is, “I’m tough. You don’t mess with me.”

I’d love to attempt to get inside the heads of pathological potty-mouths sometime later, but right now I want to talk about what I did in my act. I used presentation slides in my act for the first time, using actual scans from boxes that once contained a McDonalds Big Mac, Angus ⅓-pound burger, and the McRibs. On the sides of the boxes are pictures that are supposed to tell what the ingredients are. On the side of the Big Mac box, you will find a spatula. The Angus box carries a scale, and the McRibs box shows you both.

Do they actually put those things in the sandwiches? No wonder McDonald’s is losing money and points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They keep giving away their kitchen ware!

And if that’s not enough, why is there something that looks like a large sack of cocaine on the side of the McRibs box?

I ended the visual schtick with five minutes of time to spare, and Traeger bade me back up on the stage to fill it. I finished the act with my Griefers vs. SL Church Pastor skit. It was good. And believe it or not, people actually hung around to listen to it! Thrilling, to say the least.

Stick that where the sun don’t shine, Mr. Joey Sewer-mouth!


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