Unemployment and Qavimator

Some very good things are happening to me as of late.

The first thing is I have been paid the first two weeks of unemployment benefits. If I play my cards right, and stay diligent at job hunting, I will get to stay here at the Breckenridge.

The other thing is I am beginning to understand how animations work in Second Life.

By taking some time to work with Qavimator, a free program used to make and upload to SL animations for avatars, I learned how animation works a little better. I made myself some very short animations to help me in my public speaking and group prayer. My avatar can now point to presentation slides, and pray in a standing position with clasped paws.

I’ve begun to access OSGrid more, using it as a test bed for my new animations.

Why is this important to me? Well, as I’ve said before, SL affords me more opportunity to worship God in the various virtual churches set up here. I want my worship to be expressive. If I am unhappy with the Worship the Lord 1.1 animation, which stretches my avatar’s arms to the sky and sways it from side to side, I want the freedom to create new movements.

And some more people are becoming interested in me as a stand-up comic. Phil Setner is interested in having me perform at the Starstruck Club & Mall. A brand new comedy club called the Laughing Hippo is going to be opening Wednesday, too, managed by Chicago Braumberg. And Snippets is getting to be pretty reliable, too. Comedy is beginning to come out of its summer slump.


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