Vector second thoughts

During dining out yesterday evening, a Vector Marketing called me on the phone to ask if I was coming to the sales training after Christmas. I told her I was, but I’m pretty sure I know how it’s going to turn out.

One thing the job hunting experts tell you to do is never ever buy your job. Something is always terribly amiss when the employer asks the candidate for money before the first work is done. But Ms. Alyssa Armour gave a perfectly plausible explanation for Cutco asking for at least a security deposit for a set of sample knives. They’re protecting themselves from the thievery of the finest cutlery in the world. I decided to cut Cutco some slack.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, when I got a letter in the mail last Saturday saying that the sales training would take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Columbus. Gad! That’s a huge, posh hotel and convention center! Who on God’s green earth is paying for that kind of a venue?

That’s the kind of place where they have those big wealth-building seminars that they advertise on infomercials on TV. I’ve been to one of those seminars. At the end of the day, they always ask for some kind of membership fee in their program that’s well into the three figures.

That’s also the kind of place where they have sales rallies that have the feel of a religious cult. I’ve been to one of those, too. Bad things come when they try to get you into their program emotionally and make you do your thinking anywhere below the neck line. Even Christianity gets you to think over with your head about whether or not to take the Plan of Salvation.

Oh, well. I’ll know for sure in a couple of days. Have a glorious Christmas tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Vector second thoughts

  1. How’d the cutco thing work out? I worked for them once, and they had the training in an unused H&R Block. I think it’s a good gig, as far as sales go. They tend to emphasize low-pressure; or at least they did at my branch.

  2. I could only muster four appointments Sunday night, two shy of the required six, so I decided to fold my deuces and continue my job hunt. Vector is heavily dependent on the cold calling of one’s friends and relatives. If you’ve spent the past ten years living like a hermit like me, the job’s not going to be very kind to you.

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