Icarus Wings

The morning of Christmas Eve, I got a notice from Kumachan Twang of the SL Furry Bears group that someone had placed a Santa Sack full of freebies, avatars and such, near the teleport hub located at the Grendel’s Children store.

There was nothing in Santa’s sack that I could used, but the landmark that Kumachan gave me got me into the Grendel’s Children store, that famed store that sold the wondrous Icarus Wings, the realistic wings I had dreamed of having for a long time. Fresh from my L$1,000 victory at Laughing Hippo Comedy Club, I teleported there to look for them.

And after a short period of exploring the wares, I found them, for L$200. Joy unspeakable and full of glory! Goes without saying that I bought a pair.

The Icarus Wings are great. I love them already. They fly much more realistically than the Cormorant Angel Pastel Wings I had been wearing before. They fly me. They don’t just look pretty and go along for the ride. And they fold down nice and compactly when I’m standing on terra firma. That’s a good thing. Many’s the time when I was working on building small objects in my apartment at Rostov when that huge semi-spread wing would come sweeping in like a curtain over wherever I was going to click with my mouse. A royal pain.

The new wings give me a little more to think about than which way to point my muzzle. They require regular taps of Page Up to flap them for a few more meters of altitude. However, since they do not rely on regular flight mode, they will fly me even in no-fly sims.

It is a rather cruel thing to tell an angel bear that he’s not allowed to fly in a sim. It’s liable to bring a couple of tears to his eyes. Maybe some animated “Sad Eyes” that drip tears would be a good thing to work on in the near future.

♪♫ Saaad eyyyes, turn the other way. I don’t want to see you cry. ♪♫

And I can impress the onlookers with loops and barrel rolls. That is, if that animation will respond to double-taps of the ← key. It doesn’t work more often than it does.

I’ll have to go for a little air trip sometime today to get the feel of my wings.

And I also need to fill out a few non-existent pages in Second Life Wiki telling about the three comedy clubs I frequent. See you later.


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