Losing money at Laughing Hippo

Wednesday night was the grand opening of a new comedy club in Second Life, the Laughing Hippo Comedy club, usually, I look for some kind of hyperlink in the name for those who want to know more about it, but the club is so new that any Google searches you do for the Laughing Hippo will probably name this post the definitive authority on the subject.

My intent this Christmas morning is to tell you what happened to me Wednesday night. I’ll have to write the authoritative article about exactly what the Laughing Hippo is later on, somewhere in Second Life Wiki.

Elron Priestman and Joey Rookstown were already there, scheduled to perform. I was pretty much the party-crasher, so I sat at the bar in the rear corner and got my notes and animations and props ready, just in case I was called up.

Not long after I had given tips of L$20 to the Laughing Hippo and L$10 to Elron Priestman, something very disheartening happened. My money, displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Second Life viewer had gone from L$2,408 down to L$-1. I quickly IMed Chicago Braumley to tell him what had happened.

He was suffering the same problem. He had lost at least L$13,000. He warned the audience not to give any tips (that kinda sucks) and he would turn the night’s activity into a vote contest and pay the winner at least L$500.

It turns out that there was some issue in the money transaction system that keeps the users’ individual viewers from displaying the right amount of money. Shortly after the Grand Opening show at Laughing Hippo, I logged out and logged back in. my L$2,408 came back.

After our three performances, Chicago put it to a vote of all present which one of us gave the best performance. Lo and behold, yours truly came out the best of us three. I can’t help but smile. Elron and Joey were counting on profanity-riddled talks of sexual perversion on Second Life to carry the day. Elron even wore his “Penis Suit”, consisting of male genitalia sprouting out of his head, chin, both shoulders, both knees, and the usual place. All seven penii could rise hard and sag limp on his command and even squirt semen all over the place.

I with my sanitized talk of griefers in an SL church and the story of Moses and the Tier 1 tech support angel won the contest. When will those two ever learn that audiences don’t want to be grossed out?

After about an hour, when I was safely ensconced elsewhere, I believe it was  a service at the Overcomers’ Worldwide Church, Chicago IMed me and sent me a cool L$1,000, the most I had ever received from anyone in my nine months on SL. Way to go, God!

Stick around, children, the story is not yet over.


2 thoughts on “Losing money at Laughing Hippo

  1. Glad you liked it. WordPress called your two comments spam for some reason. I’m glad I still get the final say on what comments still get into BSC.

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