My Machinima

I decided to fart around a little with the free video capture app that I have through I imported the video into Windows Movie Maker to edit it and write up some titles and “lower thirds” when I heard some sounds coming from the audio track.

I backed up the video and listened again. It was the noise that was coming from my TV at the time I was recording video from Second Life. Funny. The WeGame app never recorded my voice before. Why now?

I figured it must be having my webcam connected to the computer. This app won’t take signal from either my stick mic or my boom-mic headphones because of their coaxial plugs, but takes audio from the USB-plugged webcam just fine.

I am really thrilled by this. This means I can finally realize my dream of filming video podcasts from Second Life and uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. I can pontificate on world events without having to show people my ugly true face.

Brief follow-ups

The homework for the Vector sales practice Sunday night was cold calling my friends and relatives to set up appointments to demonstrate the Cutco knives. I could only muster four appointments by Monday morning, two short of the required six. Two of the prospects I talked to already owned a set of Cutco knives.

After this lousy progress, I decided to fold my pair of deuces and get out and continue my job searching. Now I had two good reasons to leave Vector Marketing.

  1. They make you buy your job in the form of the sample knife kit.
  2. They unfairly penalize you for not having enough social connections.

I have a confession to make. The last ten years, I’ve been living like a hermit. I’ve not been going out and doing any of the social activities everybody else has been getting into. I don’t go to bars or coffee shops. I don’t go out for golf or bowling. Yes, I’ll grant you that is stupid, to say the least, but those activities cost money, money that I’ll inevitably wish I had come time to pay the rent.

Keeping a roof over my head is at the top of the totem pole. I’ll skip meals to keep my apartment, for cryin’ out loud. I think the famous Dilbert quote can be applied to what I do:

“Is this leadership, or just plain ordinary crazy?”

One thought on “My Machinima

  1. Not sure it’s entirely a bad thing given that you’ve found a social outlet through Second Life. It’s good for cheap fun out of the weather and without the issues of loitering laws…

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