It’s all over

We got the six denizens of the Furry House moved to a three-bedroom townhome in the Breckenridge Apartments. With the possible exception of having to fetch SonicBlu and Alan back from the Greyhound station this coming Friday, my job is pretty much done with them.

I suck kind of pathetically as a productive member of society, but as an angel bear, I’d have to say I did a pretty good job with these guys.

As usual, I woke up P.O.-ed at myself. Another day has come and gone, and still I enjoy no paychecks. What the heck is wrong with me?

Looking back, even when I was working, I would wake up on a business day angry at myself, so I don’t know what it’s going to take to satisfy my inner critic. Maybe not just a job, but job security. Or maybe just security itself.

College football boards

Yeah! That’s where my anger is coming from. I’m feeling very insecure. Insecurity and anger go hand in hand, I think. Lord knows I see enough insecurity and anger on the college football fan boards. The National Championship game will come and go, and the Top 25 will sort out one final time. After that comes one final snort of anger from the college football fandom over how two or three undefeated teams were snubbed for the NC game.

Sorry. Only two teams on the field at one time, please. Though I can easily see how this season provides powerful evidence for the pro-playoff camp.

And if Ohio State manages no more than to stay at #8, I’m happy. At least a lot fewer people are laughing at them.

Now to look at the basketball boards to see if people there are more civil.


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