Revival in virtual space

A warrior angel in shining armor who goes by the name of Divine Mode has been giving TP invitations, and I go there, and I’m starting to see some amazing things.

There is a full-blown Christian revival going on in Second Life.

While there are great smaller churches on Second Life such as the Overcomers Church Worldwide and the Vine Christian Community church, the epicenter of this apparent revival is the House of Prayer, pastored by Sid Lamilton.

The rapid growth of the House of Prayer is getting some unfavorable attention. Pastor Sid Lamilton’s sermon at the House of Prayer was disrupted by one, possibly two griefers using two throwaway accounts. One griefer attempted to overload the region using a particle bomb (a prim programmed to emit particles) Wednesday night. There were similar reports of the same two griefers operating in the Eternal Creations region as well.

It’s an interesting thing when children of God choose to congregate in the middle of a raging battlefield, taking live fire from the enemy. The House of Prayer and the Lighthouse Church are easily the most violently besieged churches I have ever seen. Kind of makes me wonder what Christian Assembly, my brick ‘n’ mortar church, is doing wrong to not get shelled.

Last night, the House of Prayer hosted a concert by gospel singer and pianist Eagle Starship. Some concessions had to be made to guard against lag and further attacks by griefers. Pastor Lamilton had to remove from the region residents’ privileges to rez new objects, use scripts, and speak in audible Voice Chat.

Somebody, I forget who, has prophetically said that I will have a key role in this revival, that I would be in the middle of it. But where do I fit?

I fit in this revival most probably as a freelance journalist, reporting to you from the front lines. I can write about a Christian revival without necessarily gushing over with Hallelujahs, Praise the Lords, and all other manner of Christianese. I can take a look at what I’ve seen so far this week and call it “Awesome”.

Awesome is a word that doesn’t take much figuring out. It is used by everyone, and doesn’t brand you as any kind of fanatic. But it does brand me a Christian who appreciates what is happening. It is interesting to watch.

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