Why doest thou griefing

I think the reason the Christian community in Second Life is seeing so many griefers is they’re starting to become a threat to them.

Think of it. In Second Life, we’re practically gods here. We can fly, zap ourselves from here to there, build a palatial mansion in two hours flat, and look drop-dead sexy doing it.  If this isn’t Mt. Olympus, I don’t know what is.

And I’m only talking about the things you can do if you’re the good honorable type. If you’re the kind of pocket Zeus who likes to rise up and smite people just for the ROTFLMFAOs, I’m sure there are ways to do it, but frankly I don’t want to know what they are.

Then along comes these Christians, threatening to ruin this perfect, pliable world with their abominable notion that there’s still a real God out there, and He holds us accountable for what we do in SL. An attitude like that will make any self-exalting virtual deity toss his cookies.

Am I not right? Can I get an “Amen”?

Okay, who made that disgusting passing of gas noise?

Well, the griefers, I think, consist of people who do not like to be told they are not God. So almost every service I go to turns into the Clash of the Titans, the Awesome Gods of the Internet versus the Awesome God, Period. Such a war has never before been waged in Multi-User Virtual Environments. I’m sure the original Big Kahuna will pull out a victory, but I’m insanely curious to find out exactly how.

How Christians talk and behave will have a lot to say about it. When griefers strike, I usually maintain my aloof distance because I believe we are all being tested. I’m afraid I will fail, miserably. Trolls have weighed me in their balances before and found me dreadfully wanting. I have never failed, in one form or another, to supply trolls with hands down proof that Christianity does not work. Trolls think Christianity is a lame excuse to be hateful at people while dressed up in an expensive Armani suit, and where they can’t find real hate, anger—however small and justifiable—is welcome as a ready substitute.

Is there really a way for me to turn this miserable performance around and win the heart of a troll or a griefer? Or am I always going to be what they call me, pathetic?

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