In the wintertime, I’m not exactly up and at ’em.

Come on, you worthless bum! The understatements you tell that border on baldfaced lies make me want to puke! Stop sugarcoating yourself! Tell America the truth!!

Excuse me, people. That’s my morning nasties talking, the part of me that’s never satisfied with what little I do.

Little? Try jack squat, you hopeless lard-butt!

The truth? In the wintertime, I have to drag my body kicking and screaming out of bed to do any kind of work at all. There’s just nothing about white snow everywhere and cold weather that makes me want to leave my warm bed, no matter what’s at stake.

I bought a battery for my car Monday grudgingly. I didn’t even want to install it that very afternoon were not for the fact that I was required to attend a job hunting orientation early yesterday morning, with the loss of my unemployment benefits held over my head.

Yesterday, just after the orientation, I sat down to one of their Job Portal computers and searched up two openings and got the Job Counselor to work on referring me to them. And there were flyers on the Customer Service desk telling about a Job Expo at JobLeaders today. 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. I took one home, intending to be there today. The flyer required that I go to H&R Block’s Web site to apply for the job. My body protested that it had done enough work yesterday, but I was able to force it through that.

Can’t get over how lazy I get in the wintertime.

Wintertime?!! More lies!! Tell America how pathetic you were last September!

Shut up, morning nasties!!

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