God is my neighbor

The Fand region immediately to the north of where my avatar lives has been changing and evolving more rapidly than I can tell in this haphazardly updated blog. It was only last Friday night that I noticed a blank plywood wall out one of my windows and decided to investigate it. Just after I had explored the new building to my satisfaction and was winging my flight back to the apartment, Mahala Bing, the wife of Pastor Samuele Shepherd, began instant messaging me. She wanted to know how I learned of the church’s new building. It was to be a secret until it was fully built.

That … was what I was looking at? Looks like we’re going to be neighbors.

Since then, textures have been applied to it, the Scruples dance club and the surrounding palm trees have been brought in from the former Luna Paradise sim. A new apartment building was built to house the less well-to-do of our church members.

I better hurry this post to publication before even this discription of the place gets outdated.


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