Not understandable

I have to confess that I have an attitude during church services that hurts my enjoyment of them.

I would have to call myself paranoid and overly protective. While the other avatars are positioned on their pose balls in an attitude of prayer, I am scouring the assembled crowd for names and faces that I do not recognize, and when I find one, I pull up the avatar’s profile. I look for those telltale signs of a throwaway alt, today’s date in the born field and an avatar no real newbie would be aware of, much less buy.

But what if I do if I find such a suspect? I am constrained to do nothing. Ordering such a resident out before (s)he has done anything is counterproductive. The object of the game is to expose him/her to God’s word, to let God speak for Himself. To make the potential perp feel unwelcome in the SL church sim automatically loses.

There is no advantage to knowing in advance who would disrupt the church service. So why do I seek advance warning?

But still, the guard part of me is on high alert. Protect! Protect the church! Can’t let the griefers get it!

This is clearly the wrong attitude for me to have in any church service in SL, be it House of Prayer, the Vine, Overcomers Worldwide, or what have you. It distracts me. It keeps me from enjoying the presence of the Lord for myself. It keeps God from moving in me as He sees fit.

I have a hard time convincing myself that church services in Second Life don’t need a security officer. I really would like to know of a verse that reassures me that God can and will stand up for Himself and that His work needs no protection.

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