Sweeps week?

I am seriously of the opinion that I belong to too many Christian groups on Second Life. I need to cut away a few of these groups and deny some people on my friend list the privilege of sending me group teleports.

A Bible study at Chain of Love Outreach headed by Katrinaceleste Bravin was scheduled for 6:00 PM against a service of the Overcomers Worldwide Church run by Pastor Samuele Shepherd. At 7:00 PM, an Eagle Starship worship music concert put on at Eternal Creations by Sonic Rang conflicted with a LinkUp encounter group run at Vine Community Church by Grace Cuthbertsson.

And all are announced by the loud clanging of a bell and an appearance of the events on my Snowglobe screen. I really must replace that bell. It’s giving me whiplash from jerking my head around to look at the lower left-hand corner of my screen.

What the heck is this, Sweeps Week? Is everybody out gunning against one another to get the most viewers for their programs? I would expect this kind of scheduling battle to happen between Treet TV and Metaverse TV. This does not look good on the Christian community to be found in Second Life.

There are only so many Christians to go around in SL. All we’re doing is trying to woo them away from the other ministries. Instead of doing that, why aren’t we converting more Christians?

What happens when the fun stuff gets scheduled against the serious stuff? When presented with a church service at the Vine Community Church and a Christian dance party at the Fire Escape Club in the same time slot, which one would you choose? These scheduling battles, in my opinion, are the best case I have found yet against Christian dance clubs and vacation resorts in Second Life.

Seriously. Do we need all these manifold activities? Did you pray to God and ask Him if he needs them? If we were really as united in the Lord as we say we are, nobody would have to make such hard time slot decisions.

That’s going to be my challenge to you. Get down on your knees and ask God if He really needs what you’re trying to do for Him. I know, it’s hard. I faced squarely the fact that church services in SL don’t need security guards against griefers because that activity clashes with actually enjoying His presence and allowing Him to move in me the way He wants.

Are you doing something that clashes with what He really wants?


One thought on “Sweeps week?

  1. Too many groups fighting for your attention can be just as bad as no connection at all. This applies whether religiously oriented, or more secular.

    I belong to the Anglicans of Second Life, the parishoners at the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island, and that’s quite enough for me in that direction. I do have a whole bunch of other groups, as well as a number of SoM subscriptions, but I start paring them down when they add up to too many announcements, thus driving me battier than my family thinks I am already (grin).

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