Miserable life

I was supposed to open up for Elron Priestman in a brand new comedy club last night. Five or six griefers wearing huge comical heads on their avatars show up there and made mincemeat out of that affair.

I got to admit, it honks me off the natural advantage griefers and trolls have over the common man anywhere on the Internet. Anywhere they show up, they automatically win, so natural and chiseled in stone is their superiority over everybody. Their very presence in your chatroom or SL sim is a statement that whatever you got going on there doesn’t deserve to live. Flush it down the toilet right now like the dung that it is and give up.

The griefers said things like, “When does the comedy show start?”, or “Did I miss the comedy?” They point they’re putting across of course is nothing anybody is doing here is worthy to be called comedy.

Crap, crap, all is crap.

What a miserable life the griefer must lead, trying to make himself the lone good thing in the world everywhere he goes. His entire life is invested in judging the guy in front of him and finding him miserably wanting. His entire life is in calling the guy in front of him pathetic and retarded. The griefer has to view himself as the one thing in the entire sim that doesn’t deserve to die a painful, humiliating death.

He is literally afraid to find anything enjoyable. No comedian is ever allowed to be funny, no public speaker allowed to have anything good to say, no musician allowed to sing or play well. God forbid the griefer finds anything good anywhere. The moment that happens, he is no longer the coolest, baddest thing in the world. His life would lose all validity.

Such a fragile life. It goes down in flames the moment he calls anything enjoyable. Why would anyone want to live like that?

I’m going to go to Snippets to see some of this so-called crap. I hear it’s pretty good.


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