New home for Radio Cristo

A new congregation that caters to Brazilian, Portuguese-speaking parishioners has become a member of the House of Prayer family of ministries in the Life Spirit sim.

Pastor Fabinho’s church has a beautiful church building, although heavy in sculpted prims, and one wall to the left with respect to facing the pulpit entirely gone so that attendees can enjoy a great view of the ocean.

But this church still had the same problem the House of Prayer once had, they only occupied a fraction of the Isle of Ballymore sim, and their services made them a poor neighbor to the other three regions. I have not attended many services in this building, so I do not know if they had the same problem with attracting griefers that House of Prayer had, but they did have to contend with stray vulgar text chat from lovers making love in the next parcel over.

Believe me, I know what that is like. I’ve had to mute several neighbors whose vivid descriptions of the sex act came through the walls.

So a couple days back, this building was moved to the Life Spirit region where the House of Prayer now sits, and occupies a spot at the base of the lighthouse.

Darrien Lightworker took us on an aerial tour of the Life Spirit sim. There were about seven to eight passengers in his hot air balloon, and during the flight, Pastors Fabinho33 Aeon and Sid Lamilton kept talking back and forth about the rapid moves toward growth they were taking. It’s fun to watch these two think big.

One of these moves is toward video podcasts of Pastor Sid Lamilton’s sermons. Darrien, once I showed him how to use the Angrybeth’s Multi-Cam Machinima Switcher, got one himself and set up the camera angles for the next sermon. Video podcasts have a tendency to ravenously eat up your hard drive space. They need a server for these podcasts, so they’re going to have to talk to Fuzzy and Galactic Voom about that.

Personally, I am unaccustomed to thinking big. My grandmother, and the ten years I spent in Columbus, OH have well beaten into my head that I have to do things the smallest and the safest way possible. I fear that, before the Lord can properly use me, He’s going to have to take a pickaxe to this paranoid way of thinking and get me ready to take a few risks on His behalf.

Lord, if this is what You want to do with me, then please do it.


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