Educational tech conference

I am doing a very risky thing right now. I have Ooo Shinee parked at Goodale Park, where one of my supervisors said I could park for free.

Free? Naww! Prime piece of parking real estate this close to the Greater Columbus Convention Center that by some miracle didn’t turn into office buildings or condos? Free?

If it is, it has probably had legions of idiots abusing the privilege of parking there and making it necessary for tow trucks to patrol it. I will have to check on my car come lunchtime, maybe move it to a different space.

I wanted to take the bus downtown today, but paying the rent for February, a month so short it ought not to be called a proper month, left me not much in my combined bank accounts. (Sorry, talking amounts violates this blog’s Security Policy.) I meticulously tried to provide for my food for the coming few days, only to find myself kicking myself in the buttocks for failure to provide for two begging neighbors from the next building over as well.

Unemployment be damned. I am still the rich man, and I’m still responsible for Lazarus.

Oh, excuse me, did I say “supervisors”? It turns out that I am working at the on-site registration desk at the 2010 Ohio Education Technology Conference. The early morning hours were mad with long lines of people coming up to get registered. It’s that way for any kind of convention. But in the afternoon hours the people are gone and time drags, just like it did for me in the late hours at the Ohio Department of Health. During break I took a walk around the exhibition hall and saw all kinds of mouth-watering technological toys there. I saw dry-erase boards that sense where your body is for a computer that projects graphics onto it. I saw a kind of table with a touch-sensitive screen built into it that ran programs that teach kids to count money and other objects.

What a good time to be a pupil. And I’ve never been so in love with technology as I am now. Tomorrow I must wear a bib. You’d drool too if you saw all those teaching gadgets.

2 thoughts on “Educational tech conference

  1. Actually, there is free parking at Arena Green Park next to the HP Pavilion Arena in San Jose, less than a mile from where Further Confusion was held. Granted, there’s only a 2-hour parking limit, but it helped me keep my parking costs for the entire event to a mere $6.00!

  2. Goodale Park also have a two-hour limit, but the more important rule in this world is Mr. Eddy Gets Away With Nothing! I’m taking the bus these next two days.

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