Feeling good

I woke up late today, but feeling good. I am not nagging myself. I guess my Hyperconscience, when it does the thing it likes to do of racing ahead of me into the third day of next month, can’t find when I have so assuredly gotten myself evicted from my apartment.

Let me elaborate on this a moment. Yesterday, I wrapped up my four-day temp job at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference downtown at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, and despite being shanghaied into a trip to the Insight Cable office in the afternoon by my neighbor Dale, I went on to do my taxes online. The refund will be enough to put the payments on my car back on track.

Assuming my unemployment benefits only stop for those four days I worked, I should be able to make the March rent. Maybe that explains why I am not criticizing myself to death today.

I’m getting that graphics card for my Dell. I don’t care how much trouble it puts me in down the line. The LCD flat screen I wanted earlier is pretty much off the table, because I need my refund money to pay for my car, but I am so getting that graphics card! I want to be able to make good videos for YouTube of my Second Life misadventures.

Birthday present

My 50th birthday is coming up at the end of March, and I think I might have come upon a decent birthday present we can work on giving me. on March 30, which falls on a Tuesday and is the day after my birthday, I would like to perform at the Columbus Comedy Showcase at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in the Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH.

According to the Funny Bone site, I have to come up with a minimum 5 paying customers who are willing to watch me perform. So, who’s with me in helping me to make this dream come true, eh?


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