Power supply

For quite some time now, I’ve been wanting to record and edit “home movies” of my misadventures in Second Life, most specifically my comedy routines that out-worlders want to see posted to YouTube. The one thing that keep me from doing that is the original equipment video card that my Dell GX280 came with. My computer is literally not up to specs for running Second Life. It will run it, but poorly, the animation frame rate at times going down to as slow as one frame per second in a crowded sim.

Well, Alan Neurocam (his SL name) asked me to take him to Micro Center on Bethel road for a new CD burner and some other things. Since he was the guy who diagnosed that my GeForce 9500 graphics card that I bought last year would not work with the 210 watts my Dell puts out, he’d be the perfect brain to pick for my upcoming upgrade project.

While I was talking to the Alan and the salesman there at Micro Center, the thought struck me that it might be better to install a more powerful power supply into my Dell, one that can handle the 350 watts that my existing GeForce 9500 GT wants. A low-profile power supply costs $35, as opposed to paying roughly $40 for a new graphics card, the GeForce card doesn’t go to waste, and I’d get far better graphics speed than anything powered by a 210 watt supply can give me. The computer would no longer have to struggle with the twin tasks of running Second Life and recording from it.

I’ll talk more on this when I have my tax refund in a couple of weeks.


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