Welcome Areas

Ahern Welcome Area

1,800 meters over the Life Spirit sim, a Scottish lass named Heathergt Brave- heart runs a place called Heather’s Christian Sanctuary for Weary Travelers. She is not called Braveheart for nothing, for she will willingly go to a place called a Welcome Area, where new Second Life residents begin their virtual existence, and tell them about her secondary welcome area.

A secondary welcome area is very necessary in SL. This is because what typically goes on in a primary Welcome Area will make you cringe.

New residents will download their SL viewer, log on for the first time, and the first people they see on their computer screen are griefers who will treat them like raw sewage.

In a typical “Welcome Area”, you’re going to see:

  • Burping contests
  • Cussing contests
  • Racial slur contests
  • Call everything they see “gay” contests
  • Huge comical head on their avatar contests
  • Myriads of other forms of honking people off

I kid you not! It’s all some kind of contest to see who can do the grossest thing possible!

Why do griefers do this? Because nobody can punish them. Nobody can trace griefers back to their home addresses, and that is their license to be as disgusting as they can possibly be. It’s your typical bully thing. I can destroy you at will. You can’t lay a glove on me. I’ll do what I damn well please.

Whoever called the Welcome Areas Welcome Areas is a baldfaced liar. They should be called “Treat You Like Garbage Areas”.

I love Second Life, and I’d like to see as many of you try it out as possible, but these Welcome Areas are a strong area of concern for me. The less time you spend there being called “pathetic” and having your heritage and sexual orientation belittled, the better. Let me pass along some advice to help you get the heck outta there and into a more friendly place to learn how to move about and function in SL.

At the bottom of your Second Life viewer, click the Search button. The Search window will come up. At the top of the window, click the All tab. In the Search field at the top left hand corner, type in the name “Oxbridge University”. The search window will show you a link to information on Oxbridge University. Click on that link, and you will be offered a Teleport button that will take you there.

Caledon Oxbridge University

Oxbridge University is located in a steampunk-themed region of Second Life called Caledon. The people there are far more civil than whom you’ll likely find in your typical Welcome Area. There is usually one or more “professors” there in the courtyard to provide tech support, keep everybody else there civil, and nip any griefing activities in the bud. Oxbridge University is also where you will find six buildings full of self-paced tutorial that you can go through to learn how to properly use your new powers.

As a Second Life resident, please accept my apology for any bad experiences you may have experienced in a Welcome Area. I would exhort you to not let it scare you away from the whole of SL, and feel free to explore the virtual world to your heart’s content.

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