Desperate bear

I am beginning to feel stupid. Many of the resumé services on the Internet now that I have long eschewed are starting to look good to me. I’ve already bought into Resumé Rabbit for $30, which posts my resumé to 80 different job boards. My desperation is starting to suck all the common sense out of my head.

I’m seriously looking into ResuméZapper, which purports to email my resumé to hundreds of recruiters. The basic ResuméZapper costs $49.99.

God! Somebody please talk me out of it!

At heart, at the very least, I have bought into the lie—or is it a lie?—that the companies with the jobs have stopped advertising them. They see no sense in spending money for a Monster ad and get deluged with resumés from legions of unqualified dunces when they can instead search the resumés already there for free and get exactly the people they want. Or better still, look in smaller, industry-specific job boards. Only the really qualified people advertise there.

Simply put, the job market has turned completely around, with employers (through recruiters) shopping for people, not people shopping for jobs. It is now the jobseeker’s responsibility to be wherever the recruiter shops, or even totally remove the need for the recruiter to go shopping. If $50 to spam several hundred recruiters will put you on the inside track to a job that will never see exposure on the public boards, then it is starting to look like money well spent.

But … but that’s still spamming! It puts you in bed with the enemy! It’s a deal with the devil. How can you even consider that?

How can I not consider that? I am a desperate bear.


2 thoughts on “Desperate bear

  1. Try a job agency if you haven’t yet… Randstad did good work for me… ended a 592-day unemployment streak in four days flat.

  2. Craigslist saved me. I was feeling pretty desperate

    After a year out of work I started watching local openings on craigslist. I think I’d been doing this for four weeks before seen the ad.

    I showed up there in person, well dressed with the companies online (PDF) app and current resumé. 5 days later I had a job.

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