Anonymity is good

I have written before about the griefers to be found at the Ahern Welcome Center, one of the first places new residents see on their very first login. They delight in publicly humiliating these so called “noobs”. Griefers operate from a position of total anonymity. Nobody knows jack about who they really are or where they live. Nobody can effectively hold them accountable for their boorish behavior, and this gives them license to be the schoolyard bullies of the virtual realm.

Anonymity is a wonderful thing, so very empowering.

I have put my real life photo under the 1st Life tab in my profile. It looks like this:

Let the retching begin.

This photo proves hands down that I’m a vicious criminal. You will see wild eyes that are doubtlessly well-practiced in looking up skirts and looking down pants. And the plaid flannel shirt proves that I murder people lumberjack style, dismembering human bodies with axes and chain saws. The sooner the police SWAT team busts down my door and drags me out in handcuffs, the better it will be for the whole world.

Or so would say the griefers. It’s amazing how much gospel truth griefers can harvest from looking at just one photo.

But in spite of posting this photo of exactly which head to blow off of which shoulders to save/improve the online world, I am still mostly anonymous. Most folks don’t give a rat’s fanny for me. And the same anonymity that allows griefers to preach that I belong in prison for looking as dumpy as I do allows me to preach the Gospel.

Well, I don’t exactly preach. I support the preaching efforts of others. And I make God’s word a prominent part of my stand-up comedy.

Well anyway, at Christian Assembly, my church in meatspace, Pastor Torry Gligora talked about the Great Commission, and about how not optional it is for us to share the Good News of Jesus with whomever we can find. We tell people about it. Or we are quite blatantly disobeying God.

I’m not all that worried about it. I got a good thing going on in this blog and in Second Life, and quite frankly, I wish I could tell Pastor Torry about them. He would be awestruck with some of the virtual church buildings to be found in SL.

In nine short months, God has brought me a remarkably long way. He got me into a stand-up comic act to accustom me to speaking in public. He got me into blogging to train me how to choose words wisely. And he got me into two, perhaps three, virtual space churches to expose me to more of Him that I would at just Christian Assembly. I would say I’m ready to start talking about Jesus. And I’m ready to be drug through the mud as a direct consequence.

Bring it.


2 thoughts on “Anonymity is good

  1. As far as ragging on first-life photos, the Welcome Area crowd, no matter what welcome area, will generally prod photos that they find funny, interesting, or both. They had a field day with mine, then got over it. At least you had the balls to get your photo out there.

    That being said, it’s probably not the best photo of you out there; largely because it’s pretty hard to get a good picture of someone at their desk (since the subject of at-the-desk photos often focused on another task, the lighting tends to be bad for photography, etc.).

    Great Commission aside, I seem to recall there was something about being humble in your faith and worship. I’ve found it better to set an example through action rather than preach through words, myself.

  2. Ragging? Well, I have a bad relationship with my grandmother in my background which gives me a profoundly strong distaste for anybody who thinks they cannot possibly be wrong and I cannot possibly be right. Right now, trolls such as are found in the Treat People Like Dirt Areas fall squarely into that category. It might be something wrong with me, but I don’t see anything in that that can be called a relatively innocent “ragging”.

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