Long week

Snow day

Monday night (15th), Columbus, OH got hammered hard by 18 additional inches of snow. The Bible study at Christian Assembly was cancelled for snow, and that forced me to fall back on the Bible study that Sid Lamilton was running at the House of Prayer at 3:00 PM Second Life Time.

During this Bible Study I suggested that we buy an En Garde game for Heather’s Welcome center. I figured …

  • It’s simpler than chess (which is just plain too sophisticated for some people), but is tactical enough to give your head a good workout. Plus, it has an element of luck that gives you a chance against the big champions.
  • It gives me a way of defending Heathergt Braveheart’s honor.
  • What griefers we bring in from Ahern can turn down a chance to poke a Christian with a fencing sword?

I immediately got donations L$1,000 each from Pastor Sid and Armando Frangelli. Guess who got drafted to bell this cat?

So I went to Procyon Games to purchase an En Garde piste.

So how is the new game equipment doing? Well, not many new residents seem to be interested it. But it’s still rather early.

But something has happened in the world of En Garde fencing that should give the Welcome Centre a few extra visitors. The number of games of En Garde played grid-wide has recently surpassed 100,000, so in celebration of that, Procyon Games is having this En Garde Rally. L$10,000 in prizes will be awarded to the three top players who win the most games in as many different venues as possible. This should bring a few fencers through the Welcome Centre and expose them to some contemporary Christian music, at the very least.


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