Blame me

I wake up each morning taking some hard shelling from the opposition inside my brain.

Call it the Inner Critic, call it the Devil, call it coming out of denial, call it what you like, but whatever it is, it likes to blame me for the economic danger that I’m in. It says I brought it on myself because spent too much money on something or other. Take a listen at what went through my brain just moments before I got up.

You know that $7.50 dinner you ate at China Way eight days ago? That’s the fatal mistake that’s going to do you in. It’s $7.50 you’re going to wish to God you can have back before the week is out.

How about that $14.62 you spent at Big Lots for a 4GB memory card for a digital camera on February 11? That’s something you didn’t exactly need, either. More money you’ll wish you had back.

Doesn’t look good for you, genius.

I tell you, this part of my mind is ripping me open a new one.

Oh, sure, you’re going to tell your baldfaced lies about this. You’re going to say the money is from your income tax refund, and you’re entitled to splurge it a little. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

You’re also going to say the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services dropped the ball, docking you twice for only one week of work. Makes no difference what they do, puke-for-brains. Your job is to adapt to anything thrown at you and adapt successfully. Adapt or die. Been that way since the first amoeba breathed.

But you can’t mean this! The world is throwing all this trouble at me and no help to deal with it? It’s impossible to come up with all the money everybody wants. And now you’re flaying me alive because I can’t do the impossible? This is unfair.

Another of your accursed baldfaced lies! Fairness is purely an invention of man, and it’s just like man to expect the world to be fair. The world is not obligated to be fair. What it is obligated to do is destroy the weak so only the strong can go on to have babies and keep the species strong. Sayonara, weakling.

I wish I could train my heart not to believe this guy.


One thought on “Blame me

  1. I get the same guy telling me the the $3 I spent gabbing food was something I should save.

    Dunno who this annoying guy is but he’s a bummer to hear him chime up every time I spend even a tiny amount of money.

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