Birds in the bush

I drove down to JobLeaders today, and picked a couple of call center jobs out of their Job Portal. On the way out of that building, I saw a stack of flyers from a place on West Broad Street called The Labor Company. Turns out one of their clients need workers for a packaging plant starting tomorrow. I decided to drive over there and put in an app.

The Labor Company turned out to be a seedy, unkempt labor hall, along the lines of Labor Ready on Morse Road. People sat around on park benches on a hardwood floor that looked overdue for litter pick-up and sweeping, waiting to be called by an attendant from an elevated rectangular hole in a white sheetrock wall.

This attendant reviewed my app and told me to come back for safety training 9:00 AM tomorrow. I wasn’t 100% sure I had employment, but this looked like a very good sign.

Interestingly, I didn’t ask the man there what the packaging job pays. It just slipped my mind. Either that or my bite-my-head-off hyperconscience wouldn’t let me ask. What would Big Baby Whiner do if the pay rate isn’t up to snuff, huh? Shut the hell up and be happy with what God gives!

After I had come home, I got online to find a Brandon Moskal from Sarcom and another recruiter from Florida wanted to talk to me over the phone. I told them both I wanted to see how the packaging job turns out.

Then I log onto Second Life. I got a saved IM there from somebody named JennyJenny Lauria of the SL group Third World Asylum that she wanted me in a big Battle of the Comics with a purse of L$50,000. The equivalent of $203 US. The thing is scheduled for tomorrow night.

I could be working at a packaging plant tomorrow night.

So, is this packaging job God’s chosen method of taking care of me? I’m not certain, but it passes the opposition test. It seems there is no shortage of birds in the bush to usurp the position of this bird in my hand.


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