Straightened out

I’m happy to say that with a phone call to the unemployment bureau, I got straighened out the nasty matter of the two benefit payments they were holding.

The lady there explained to me that there are some things I have to do to keep my benefits coming that their Web site just doesn’t support. One of those is giving them more details about the four days I spent registering attendees at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference. That I had to do over the phone. After that, she was happy to turn loose those checks that didn’t come. They’ll be in just in time to pay my rent. The month of March at the Breckenridge Apartments is saved.

In March, two new hardships are coming up. The first is getting a new registration sticker for my car, the second is paying off a collection agency to whom I owe back rent for the Willows Apartments in Delaware, OH. March is when I will get the $150 for referring the Furry House bunch to the Breckenridge, but that’s far from enough.

Dusty work

A couple of nights ago, I tried a temp job at Dysart, a packaging plant that packages grass seed and fertilizers. After the first day, I decided not to go back in. I have enough of a respiratory ailment to say that the highly dusty environment there is not suitable for me.

It probably won’t sit too well with my Inner Critic, which still calls me a good for naught layabout, but my body loves me for it. By the end of those six hours, I could barely stand, and my legs were cramping. No way I can stand three days of twelve hours apiece of more of the same. I went home, popped two aspirin for the pain, and went to bed.

I’ve spend the last three years sitting on my buttocks, pounding on a computer, and apologizing to angry strangers for the stupidities of other people. I can’t turn on a dime and do a much more physical job after that. I’m going back to seeking white collar work.


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