Busy week

I was not able to do as much job hunting as I wanted to do this week.

I took the Interviewing Skills Workshop that they offered at the National Center for Urban Solutions of E. Broad Street. At the end of the class, they did a mock interview with and critiqued it. I found out that I ramble an awful lot without actually giving them the information about me that they ask for. I need to fix that bad habit.

After I had come home and corrected two typos on my resumé, the small errands began to come in. Two other guys on the apartment grounds named Woody and Dale needed to fetch their laptop computer back from the pawn shop.

The guys in the Furry House made great use of me. Wednesday evening, they asked me to help bring the Toyota of Latex Fox over from Trinity Square Apartments. And I topped off the night by taking SonicBlu and Wolfdog to Kroger.

So satisfied was I with the work I did Wednesday that I insisted on having Thursday off from job hunting. I did pretty much nothing yesterday save for paying my late rent.

Today I did the online skills assessment for Dish Network. Unlike the last time I took this test, their computer didn’t let me make an appointment for an interview. I guess I’m to wait for their phone call instead.


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