ODU Job Fair

This morning, I drove to Ohio Dominican University in southeastern Columbus for a job fair. I filled my sling bag with brochures and free souvenirs.

Yep! I got pens, stress balls, a letter opener, a Kool-Aid carrier,a miniature foam basketball, and a folding flying disc that doesn’t fly very well. Fun. And enough mints to make me bounce off the walls.

The sad state of the local employment economy is still big news. Just about every job fair I go to draws at least one TV news crew.

So, does my visit there reveal anything new about employers who might have a place for me? It’s a little too early to tell. Most experts tell you to dress well for a job fair, because you may be interviewed on the spot, but most job fairs I’ve been to over the past few months pretty much involve employers passing out brochures about themselves. You grab the info that interests you, take it home, and get online for some more homework. The additional research will probably take the rest of the day.

Another day spent not actually earning any money. That’s not going to sit too well with the Boardroom In My Brain. It screamed at me this morning as I got up. It wasn’t in the least satisfied with my job interview at FacilitySource yesterday. I was interviewing for an inbound call center that helps callers troubleshoot a large number of do-it-yourself maintenance issues with an eye toward preventing them from unnecessary visits by repair technicians. The job sounds right up my alley.

The interview was one of my better ones—I learned to cut my infernal rambling short—and the two guys asking the questions seemed pretty interested in me. They should have a thumbs-up or thumbs-down for me by the end of tomorrow. But I still have to go to another job fair in Westerville, and deal with my impatience until then.

Some good news. I narrowly escaped the consequences of what I call a “hanging the queen” mistake that I made Monday. I paid $154 of a $254 cable bill out of fear of losing my Internet later on this month. Right around this time each month, automatic deductions are made for my automobile insurance and my credit card debt management plan. I was afraid that cable payment and the automatic payments would have overdrawn me by this morning. But my unemployment benefit payment came early, just in time. God’s looking out for me, believe it or not.

I’m still worried about my electricity and my car, though. I need some divine help there.


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